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 Arden is Experience!    "Been there, done that", well at Arden not only is that true, but in many cases we are Doing it Everyday!  Our diverse operational experience from retail to services provide trusted solutions for consumers, business and organizations worldwide.

Real World Experience - Real World Solutions™

Arden Companies:  
Our Retail, Service & Media Brands Related Information

Museum Store Company - TheArtifact - Museum Art, Art History

Museums Inc - Museums Incorporated, Bringing the Museums of the World Together!


Museum Store Company - TheArtifact - Museum Art, Art History

Business, Retail and Fulfillment Services
Trusted Brands…Trusted Service™, Since 1994

What & Why?  Simply, opportunity. All the companies we started had a  common thread.  For example, ScanGo (now operating independently from Arden) was initially started as a result of our experiences with a project for TheArtifact preservation project. Our diversity in operations afford us a diversity of real world experience! Some of those experiences include:

  • TheArtifact™ - Museum Store, established in 1997. TheArtifact is the premier, most trusted and one of the largest  with collections of art, artifact, museum & jewelry reproductions.
  • ScanGo™ (now ScanGo Services, LLC.): A global network that easily and effectively converts paper files into digital documents.
  • Museums Inc™ -Museums Incorporated, bringing the collections of the world's finest museums together!
  • Arden & Company™ Jewelry: Signature Jewelry collection available exclusively at TheArtifact.
  • Coming soon to a TV or screen near you, TheTrek™, TheSpy™ , TheGifts™ & iValue™ &™.
TheArtifact: An Arden Company: Art, Artifact, Museum, & Jewelry Reproduction from all cultures & ages.




ScanGo: An Arden Company - Document, Scanning, Conversion and Archiving Services through our Global Network.



Museums Inc - Museums Incorporated, Bringing the Museums of the World Together! - The Spy - Trends, Truth & Things


News: iCentre (tm) Browser Tablet coming soon!

Warner Brothers (2004) - items are utilized in the library scene of the upcoming release Catwoman starring Halle Berry.

News: ABC Television (2004) - items used in ABC's soap "One Life to Live".

News: ABC.COM (1999) - TheArtifact was selected and featured as one of leading Egyptian Resources for Cleopatra starring Timothy Dalton.

News: Universal Studios Japan Themepark (2002). TheArtifact Egyptian pieces used in Mummy II exhibit!

Arden Business Services & Consulting Groups:  
Arden International - Global Market Assistance Services Related Information

What & Why?  Two reasons: 1. Doing it Daily: Our daily operations for our business units involve sourcing from international sources and selling to international customers! 2. Experience: Since helping Paris based Lindsey Technologies, in 1996 to sourcing in South East Asia for TheArtifact. We know international. Furthermore, our president was also the co-founder and founding president of another international consulting company, which previous to his return to Arden, helped over 2,000 company's in over 40 countries from small business to Fortune 500 clients such as Western Union and Ebay!

  • International Business Assistance Services
  • Local Representation & Sales Support Services
  • Product Adaptation / Promotion Services
  • Product Sourcing Services
  • Offshore Outsourcing Services
  • ...& MORE


Client: Paris based medial software company hires Arden (1996) for US Market Introduction services.

News: SARS Postponement: Summer Tradeshow in Bangkok, Thailand threatened by SARS.

Arden Consulting - Operations & Efficiency Know How Related Information

What & Why?  Simple: Because our shareholders demand it and we've been doing it for years.  A funny story, two years ago in a business meeting, one of the participants described our president as a cost controller. A dot-com banker at the table said, "who cares about controlling costs, its all about revenues!"  Well reality has returned and many of that banker's companies that only focused on revenues (get big fast!) are no longer!  We never left reality and believe in efficient management of resources (keeping spending under control), information (not recreating the wheel), protection (securing your business against the unexpected), and personnel / facilities (doing more with less).  Let us help you with:

  • Operations Assistance
  • Instant Expert™ & Advisory Services
  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Trend Identification
  • Best Practices
  • Metrix & Benchmarks Identification
  • Strategic analysis, planning and concept development
  • ...& MORE


Arden KPAXs: Topic and Industry Knowledge Bases ready to use.  Please visit Arden Consulting for More Information.

News: Gard & Associates (2004) quickly and efficiently utilized Arden's KPAX saving time & money, Arden KPAXs are coming soon to!


Arden Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management Related Information

What & Why?  We've all heard it: "it's an information economy".  We believe it.  Managing a company's information - from papers processed for work already performed leads to a competitive edge in this knowledge economy.  Let our familiarity with the latest tools assist your organization's efficiency.

  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Knowledge Management Solutions
  • Knowledge Capture, Organization, Retention & Preservation Strategy
  • Collaborative Solutions
  • Electronic Data Discovery, Investigation & Recovery
  • External Electronic Intelligence, Gathering & Monitoring
  • Paper Document Scanning, Conversion & Archiving
  • ...& MORE


Client: For a contractor of a major automotive manufacturer,  as a test we monitored the positive, negative, and neutral media comments from weekly media, to help them determine NASCAR campaign effectiveness. Interesting Results!

Government Users:
The solutions we provide to government comply with Section 508.
Arden Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Related Information

What & Why?  Our extensive operational experience in vast number of industries has afforded us a comprehensive security assessments and solutions.

  • Security Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Facility Security
  • Biometric Usage
  • Computer / Electronic Forensics
  • Sensitive Document Handling
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • ...& MORE


News: Arden recently contributed the an executive briefing for a leading international human resource firm with risk overview to increase the security awareness for their placement mangers.

Arden Retail Services Related Information

What & Why?  This is really where the "doing it everyday comes into play".  We currently operate both consumer and business client focused retail operations.  Our management operates (or has operated) everything from a small chain of retail stores with over $10M in annual sales, to a consulting company, software company, to our own current holdings such as TheArtifact, one of the largest collections of art, artifact, jewelry and museum reproductions online.

  • Consumer, market, economic, and site selection research and benchmarking
  • Strategic analysis, planning and concept development
  • Unannounced Location Visitation, Inspection & Audit Services: "Secret Shopper / Mystery Shopper"
  • Multi-channel strategies and management
  • Logistics, distribution, and supply chain management
  • E-commerce Assistance and Development
  • Franchise Feasibility Studies
  • ...& MORE


Current Project: Now that broadband is here to stay we are strongly promoting the use of online video for retailers to promote their products - QVC watch out!

Arden Product & Technology Development Related Information

What & Why?  Though not a pure technology company (just read on), we are technology driven company -- using technology as a means to our ends.  We believe in strong but practical technological solutions, avoiding the pitfalls of development which will never pay off. This keeps our heads on straight for when we develop!

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis
  • Build vs. Buy Analysis (Evaluating Off the Shelf)
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Project Scoping & Phasing
  • Development Management & Quality Control
  • Prototyping & Production
  • Product Research, Development; Product Quality Control & Testing - including our own soon to be released web table - the iCentre(tm)
  • Software, Internet Site Development
  • Conversion & Interoperability Solutions
  • ...& MORE


Fun Product: In 1998, we created the "Phaser Laser Pointer" based on a Star Trek Chinese manufactured & licensed toy.

TheArtifact: We created the look feel, as well as the operation backend for one of the largest Art, Artifact, Jewelry, & Museum Reproduction sites online

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